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"The Arthur Grimm Collection was acquired end of the 80ties after his death. We hold all negatives, all copyrights and a significant number of stamped vintage prints (about 4000 prints), which reach aucton prices of about 600 US$ per copy.
It was contentmines ambition to preserve collections, mine them and profile them for acquisition for museums and art collectors. "

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Born in Rehau, Germany, on the 21st of May 1908, died approximately in 1990.
1934 he moved to Berlin as a press photographer. 1936 he was responsible for many photo impressions during the shooting of Leni Riefenstahls "Olympia"-Film. He was in Greece with Leni Riefenstahl and the team to produce photos of the filmmaking.
After the war Arthur Grimm became one of the most famous German Film Still- and Portrait photographer of the 1950s to 1970s. He worked mainly for the CCC Film Production of the Producer Artur Brauner in Berlin. Just as well his brother the German Director Hans Grimm. Arthur Grimm was also active from 1962 to 1984 as the head photographer of the German Television Company – ZDF.
The last years of his life he spent in Hamburg where he died after 1990.
In 1983 parts of his life work was acquired by KPA Photo Archive in Munich. 1998 it was bought and transferred to Content Mine International in Cologne.
The collection covers German Film Stills, Star Portraits and scenes in color, vintages, black/white negatives of numerous Film- and TV-Productions. For example:
• Music shows
• Quiz shows
• Crime stories
• Culture programs
• Plays
• Cabaret programs
Thousands of large format slides, negatives of his total Television Archive and his notebooks to go with it are part of this inheritance.
Only a small part of this large historic photo collection has been digitalized up till now."

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